Benefits of Art



Children love to paint, dance, sing, and act.  These interests are things that come naturally to most kids.  But what role do these things play in the growth and development of our little ones?  How important is it to allow them to pursue the arts?  What can you do to encourage your
child’s interest in the arts?

Several years ago my wife, Wendi and I started our business, Noah’s Art, a children’s art studio.  We were not business people, we were teachers and knew that kids love to be creative.  Confirming this, our business grew quickly. Today, we still deeply believe that intuitively children love art.

Not all kids love to paint, some don’t like to get messy and coloring just isn’t their thing.  Painting and drawing fall under one of the four major divisions in the arts, visual art.  Your child may be interested in dance, music, or theatre.  All of which have tremendous benefits to their development.  One benefit to having your child involved in any art program is to build self esteem and self confidence.  In a world much larger than they are children can feel “in control” as they are enjoying and mastering new skills involved in painting, drawing, dancing, singing, or acting.  The new skills become their own and they will take pride in showing off their new talent to peers and family.  Anyone who has been to a recital has seen the pure delight in a child’s face as they complete their performance and are greeted with applause.  As children learn to be creative, they will also develop socially as they find new ways to express themselves.  Young people who are involved in the arts will learn to use their skills to communicate and express their feelings and emotions in a unique and constructive manner.

Group activities such as practicing a dance routine or rehearsing a song will give your child the opportunity to develop social skills.  Along with social development there are physical benefits to art involvement as well.  Children will learn fine motor control as they learn to cut paper or use a pencil to draw, and gross motor control as they learn new ballet steps or act out a lion chasing his prey.  Little artists who have exercised their creativity will learn to “think outside the box”, a skill that will help them throughout their school career and life.  They will be better at problem solving and decision making, allowing them to look at possible solutions to a situation and make connections leading to a creative resolution.  Besides the many developmental benefits of the arts, art is just plain fun!  Fun that can be caught and preserved in a painting created on paper or a musical, theatrical, or dance performance caught on videotape at a recital or in your playroom.

As you can see, the arts can play a large role in enriching your little one’s life.  There are many different ways to get your child involved in the arts.  You can go to a concert in the park, play dress-up, listen to the radio and clap the beat, pull out the play-doh, create a silly dance routine, visit a museum, sign up for a structured class at a studio, pretend to be animals, take turns telling a story, use glue and macaroni to create a collage, or describe pictures found in their favorite books.  Picasso said, “All children are artists.”  Kids are naturally creative, encourage your child in their creative pursuit.

– by Brian Bojanowski