Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do my children need any previous instruction in art?
A: Children who take classes at Noah’s Art do not need to come with any background in art. We believe that all children can experience and participate in art. Each child that takes classes at Noah’s Art is accepted and appreciated as a participating individual.

Q: Do you teach formal drawing skills and techniques?
A: Yes, in some classes. We do teach formal skills in our “Drawing” class. Our focus at Noah’s Art is to provide our students with the oportunity to explore and experience as many different concepts and mediums as possible. We are not a “drawing school”, we are a mixed media art studio. If we are working on a project and a child asks for specific help in drawing an object we will provide that instruction, but we do not present the entire class with right and wrong ways to draw.

Q: How many students do you allow in your classes?
A: We pride ourselves in the attention that we are able to give our students. Our student/teacher ratios differ based on the age of the children. Our ratios are as follows:

# students
# instructors

these ratios do not apply to summer workshops and special events

Q: Is it too late to sign up for a class?
A: It is never too late to sign up for a class. Noah’s Art only closes a class once it has reached its full capacity. (based on the ratio chart above) If there is still room in a class and the semester has already begun we will pro-rate the tuition based upon the number of remaining classes.

Q: Can we drop into a class? Can we try a class before we sign up?
A: Yes. We do have a “drop in” policy. The proceedure to “drop in” or try a class is to call 24 hours in advance to check for availability.

Q: Do I have to stay with my child during the art class?
A: The only classes that we require parents to stay with their child is in our two year old program. The two year old classes are designed to be a “Mommy and Me” class, where the caregiver participates in the art projects with the child. Our classes for ages three and up are designed to promote independence. Parents may either use the time to go run errands or stay in our lobby but are not allowed in the work area.

Q: What should my children wear?
A: We recommend that children wear clothes that are “play clothes”. Most of our art products will not stain clothes but we have found a few that have. We do provide smocks for each child as they enter class.